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Counselling Training

Becoming a counsellor

You may have been thinking about becoming a counsellor for a long time but hesitated for some reason or maybe the pandemic convinced you that there are alternatives to what you do currently. However, you have come to this, this is a great time to consider becoming a counsellor.

There are different routes to becoming a counsellor or therapist and it can seem quite confusing when you are starting out. The CPCAB suite of courses offer a clearly defined pathway to becoming a counsellor, beginning with Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills. If you are interested, the video (2 mins, 42 secs) offers a summary of this route:

You may be thinking about taking one course to see how you feel and the L2 certificate offers that possibility—alongside some personal development and an opportunity to enhance your listening and communication skills.

Our approach

On our courses, we will teach you an approach to counselling that is known as an Integrative Model.

Our Integrative Model provides a toolbox that includes different ideas and techniques brought together in a seamless package that allows you to work with the unique individual that you are helping. It consists of Person-Centred counselling at the core, supporting you in building a strong therapeutic relationship that is empathic, non-judgemental and trusting. Added to this is the Psychodynamic element which supports you in exploring the client’s past and seeing how it impacts on the present and finally, Cognitive Behavioural Thereapy (CBT) helps us to identify unhelpful thoughts and beliefs and to change these.

We feel that learning an Integrative Model will give you a broader set of tools to work with to understand the person that you are helping.